880 Earth Anchor Cable Bulk Pack

880 Earth Anchor Cable Bulk Pack
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880 Earth Anchor Cable Bulk Pack


  • Holding capacity: 3000 lbs
  • Anchor holding capacity dependent on soil type and density
  • For trees up to 11” diameter
  • Economical multi-pack (12/pack)
  • Simple installation

For tree anchoring - use with Tree Guying Strap (3A-GSS.75x500) and eliminate turnbuckles, hoses and cables.

Bulk pack for tree anchoring, security tie downs, construction, etc.

Earth Anchor Cable Bulk Packs available in three holding capacities: 3A-EC400, 3A-EC680, 3A-EC880.

Recommended installation tool: Earth Anchor Drive Rod (3A-ET880)


Holding Capacity 3000#
Tree Size Up to 11" in diameter
Anchor Length 6.75"
Cable Diameter 3/16"
Cable Length 42"
Material & Finish
Material galvanized cable, die cast aluminum anchor
Package Contents
Quantity/pack 12

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