Cutting Edge Auger Anchor 10" Helical Flight x 30" length

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3A-A4-10 inch Helical

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Material solid steel, chisel lead edge
Shaft Diameter 5/8"
Shaft Length 30"
Screw Size 4" dia x 10" flight
Finish orange paint
Holding Capacity 2800 lbs Dependent on soil type and density.
Quantity / Pack 1
  • Holding capacity: 2800 lbs
  • 4" helix by 10" flighting cuts through the soil 4" for every 360° rotation
  • Chiselled lead edge for easier installation
  • Maximizes holding capacity
  • Welded closed eye
  • Easy to remove & reuse

Big. Strong. Easiest anchor to install. 

The Cutting Edge Auger Anchor provides secure gripping and holding power for patio furniture, grills, tarps, boats, airplanes, bike racks, docks, piers, rafts, structures, landscaping.

The Cutting Edge Auger Anchor avalable in three holding capacities: 500 lbs (3A-A3S-6 inch Helical), 2800 lbs (3A-A4-10 inch Helical), 3500 lbs (3A-A4-20 inch Helical).

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